Looking for Venta folding bike (USSR, ШВМЗ 175-811 “Вента”)

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Looking for Venta folding bike (USSR, ШВМЗ 175-811 “Вента”)

Standartinė joshadorescats » Pen Geg 24, 2013 0:19:41

Labas, Greetings from Tallinn!! :sugerovai:

I am looking for a Venta folding (separable?) bike - ШВМЗ 175-811 “Вента” in good condition, as complete as it can possibly get with all parts in working condition. I understad that chances are many removable parts are already missing such as the headlight, air pump and tool pouch... Tyres and tubes can be dead, the paint job may have chips and scratches and metal parts may be a bit rusty. Any colour is ok as long as it's original and not amateur spray repaint. I will accept it as long as it's not a scrap metal but still a working bicycle, especially the frame is intact.

If the bike is in Vilnius my Lithuanian friend can pick it up, if elsewhere Cargo Bus may be a possibility. You can send me photos and asking price. So, you can now go through your grandpa's garage and look for it!!

You can, of course, write me in Lithuanian, my Lithuanian friend or Google can translate it for me.

Thanks in advance

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