Cyclocross in Vilnius Lithuania

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Cyclocross in Vilnius Lithuania

Standartinė Cornelis88 » Sek Rgs 23, 2012 22:16:39

Hello Riders,

I am a exchange student from Holland and I will be in Vilnius for 4 months.
Now I brought my cyclocross bike and I was wondering if there are any cyclocross/MTB races in Vilnius?


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Užsiregistravo: Pir Rgs 17, 2012 20:48:58
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Re: Cyclocross in Vilnius Lithuania

Standartinė mantasm » Pir Rgs 24, 2012 0:12:48

There're no cyclocross races there. The last XCM / marathon race was on sunday. There're several races left this year, but all of them are cross-country-ish. You can try them if you're adventurous though :)

Terrain is pretty good for CX though. This one might be a good starting point.
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Re: Cyclocross in Vilnius Lithuania

Standartinė kaspi4 » Tre Spa 16, 2013 21:34:47

We have CX races in Latvia

19.10.2013 20.10 9.11 10.11 16.11 17.11
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