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DH part in this Forum

Standartinė Gusts Osmucnieks » Pir Gru 15, 2008 17:10:31

To administrators:
Hallo! You need to make new Part(chapter ) in foorum,
where people can talk about DH/Freeride/Slopestyle things
as i know, there are many riders in LT, who doing this
so... maybe you can make, and then we can discuss many things there.
Also one thing is Baltic DH Cup.
Gusts Osmucnieks
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Re: DH part in this Forum

Standartinė w1z@rd » Pir Gru 15, 2008 17:51:28

Hi ,Gusts,
Raitis already mentioned the DH thing in "kita" part, what means "other things" topic is here. I belive you are right about the dh, fr, ss section.
The topics in this forum might seem a little bit messy for a new member, cause there are many common parts for all style riders. though there are no section for your mentioned styles.... PauliaK? :)
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Re: DH part in this Forum

Standartinė pauliaK » Ant Gru 16, 2008 2:35:37

w1z@rd, that's not in my jurisdiction... :|
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Re: DH part in this Forum

Standartinė Katakombas » Tre Gru 17, 2008 15:15:46

Gusts Osmucnieks rašė:Also one thing is Baltic DH Cup.

If talking about Baltic DH Cup ,firstly ,are the elevators necessary?There are few great places,but there are no elevators.
Secondly, what about the local authorities,could you get some kind of a license ,allowing to build trails in the forest? Lastly,should the trail have some sort of drops/kickers?
When you are out there, in the air, no-one cares, except the ground.
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