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Re: nebe "Prancuzija '08", o Norvegija'08

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kurmis rašė:Mano brolis jau metus Norvegijoje gyvena ir ją visą išvažinėjęs - jam jau Lietuva gražesnė :) sako užkniso kalnai juodai...

paskutine savaite tep ir buvo. mini mini ir sakai: "boooring. ir vel kalnai, kada kitokiu vaizdu bus?"

vienas is straipsniu, kuriu taip ir neatsiunte zurnaliugos man i pastadeze, bet geru zmoniu deka, jis mane pasieke :)


originalus tekstas guli cia

o cia jo vertimas is Norvegu kalbos:
As for translation I have to explain a bit, the
expression "Ut på tur, aldri sur". To go for a tur in
Norwegian mean go for a walk in the forest, take a
bycycling trip, go skiing etc. The first English
tourists in Norway came here for they're
"constitutional", e.g go for walks. In Norwegian "gå
på tur", and the people who do this are turist (The
Norwegian Tourist Association is for people who like
to wander). So they came back to England and told that
they had been tourists in Norway, hence the word.

Ut på tur, aldri sur means out touring, and never sour
which is a huge compliment to you guys.

Here it goes:

Bycycle-holidaying in Norway

The lovers Zygis and Akva from Lithuania have this
summer been bycycling in Norway. Akva and Zygis
arrived in Helgeroa with boat from Langesund.

-We have now bycycled all the way from Bergen, it has
been fantastic, they say. While it has been marvellous
it has also been quite demanding.

-We started in Oslo two weeks ago. On our way to Bergen
the landscape was pretty heavy going uphill for some
periods. It has been a little hard, they admit.

They have been satisfied with the Norwegian climate.

-During the two weeks we have been here, we have only
had three days of rain, tells Akva.

Now they're trip goes towards the capital.

-We will stay in Norway for one more week. Today we are
heading for Sandefjord where we will stay till tomorrow
before we move on to Oslo, they explain.

They both agree on what has been the highlight of the

-Rallarvegen will sit in our memory for a long time. It
was like a fairy tale, they both say.

ps nuotrauka tai super, ane ? :lol: :lol:

Re: nebe "Prancuzija '08", o Norvegija'08

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:lol: Kūnas lyg ir 3D, bet galva kažkaip neša į 2D...